We invite you to a meeting with a case manager from Caringhands Home Health Care. Talk to us about what you need at home. Our services will ease your daily health challenges.

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Your wellness is our focus. Your comfort comes first. Your recovery is supported. Caringhands Home Health Care has an earnest objective to bring you all the conveniences at home.

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Welcome to Caringhands Home Health Care, Inc.
Compassion, Excellence and Reliability

                        Carighands offer In Home Health Care 

               And Assisted Living  

It is the role of Caringhands Home Health Care to make your health conditions and lifestyle manageable. In helping you recover from an injury or assisting you with daily living activities, we put our care in full commitment. You have your whole life in your command - we will support you every step of the way.

Our care programs are designed to balance the support services and the level of independence you want to keep. Unlike nursing homes, hospitals or institutionalized care facilities, our services enable you to stay at home which is a far more affordable alternative. By having the option of home health care services, you can shorten your hospital stays, cut down expenses of travelling from home to hospital and back, enjoy the comfort of your own residence and most of all - spend more time with your family. Their support is essential to your speedy recovery, stabilized health and emotional wellness.

With recommendations from your physician, we provide home health care services through experts such as nurses, therapists, social workers, home health aides and nursing assistants. We maintain a strong network of health care practitioners to ensure that anytime you will need health support services from Caringhands Home Health Care, we are readily available.

All our employees have personal care assistance certificate (PCA) certified by Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN-DHS) also all employees have background check done by DHS, we also take care of client who have waiver and non waiver insurance etc.

We provide Personal care assistance (PCA) grooming, toileting , Positioning ,Bathing , Behavior, Dressing ,Eating ,Heath Relating ,Activities Of Daily Living ,Light Housekeeping ,Laundry ,Homemaker Service, People with Special Needs.  


                                          ASSISTED LIVING SERVICE 


Please our Assisted Living sevice website is www.chhmn.com



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Caringhands Home Health Care, Inc.
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